Saturday, September 26, 2009

On our way

Today started the process of our move to Austin. The movers arrived at 8 am this morning to pack up their truck with all of our goods and make the long trek down south.

First stop was Sally's house (Kyle's mom) for some of our stuff and then on to our storage unit for the rest.

All we've got

It's kind of weird to see everything you own sprawled out on the pavement. Our stuff has been in storage for over a year now, so it was fun to get to see things again. Some of it I had forgotten we even had! Unpacking in Austin will be a fun experience for sure.

The sum of our worldly goods

The movers will leave with our stuff today and take about a week and a half (fingers crossed) to drive down. We're leaving with the pups on Monday morning. We're going to take our time over four days and visit with friends along the way. We should arrive in Austin on October 1st.