Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Galveston Trip

A few weekends ago, we made the trek to Galveston to stay with friends at their family beach house.  Talk about hitting the jackpot.  The Beach and hanging out with our favorite people: this family is hard to top on our list.  We love hanging out with them and little Knox & little Blythe are sweet baby buddies.  The weekend was a lot of fun.  We hung out on the beach and also did a little sightseeing around Galveston.  Here is a slew of pics for your enjoyment:

Miss Blythe at the candy shop
A kiddie table- we couldn't resist.  If you can tell, Knox just wanted to bang on the table. 
Knox at the candy shop
Stroller buddies
We carted the babes down to the beach in a red wagon
I love it- it looks like Knox is rubbing sunscreen on Blythe's shoulders.  Who knows what he is actually doing :)
Knox loves the shoulder rides
The Assunto Clan
Our sandy mess
Sandy baby butts
Yes, we buried them in the sand.  They didn't seem to mind either...
Kyle demonstrating our parental slacking...he is drinking a "wine cooler", which really raises more concerns that just the obvious...


All quiet on the Texas front...

Well, I feel like I should explain the month of silence.  No- I have not been a lazy blogger.  Yes- I did lose my computer for a few weeks.

Here's the story:  We were having some issues with our mac, so I was going to take it to the apple store to have them look at it.  I had the computer, my purse and Knox all in my arms when I went out to the car.  To keep from dropping the computer, I put it on top of the car and then got Knox safely buckled into his seat.  Tiny little detail- I forgot to put the computer in the car.  So, I drove to the apple store with the computer on top of my car.  Needless to say, it fell off sometime before I arrived at the apple store.  It was a crappy situation and I was a little bit embarrassed by the whole scenario.  But, after three weeks we had considered it gone and moved on with our lives.  Then, I got an email last week from a guy telling me that he found our computer on the side of the road.  I met up with him and sure enough, he had our computer and miraculously it was completely unharmed.  To tell you the truth, I am still a little bit in shock that it was returned to us and it is fine.

A few weeks before all of this happened, we had our garden hose stolen out of our front yard.  I mean, who steals a garden hose?  So, I will say that this whole situation has restored my faith in people again.  Yes, someone may drive by your house and steal your garden hose.  But someone may also find your computer and go to great lengths to get it back to you unharmed.  Funny how the world works.