Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Knox's big boy room...

For the past few weeks, Kyle & I have been working on creating a new "big boy" room for Knox.  And by 'Kyle & I', I mostly mean I have been giving poor Kyle instructions and he has diligently been doing what I have asked him.  Mostly because I am seriously not handy and also because I am very pregnant.  Either way, Kyle did a great job with Knox's new room and we officially moved him into it this weekend to give him a few weeks to adjust before the baby arrives.  The transition was eerily smooth and he has shown no signs of even remotely caring that he is in a new room! Also, in case you don't read captions and you just scan the photos- Kyle actually made the bed for Knox.  I mean bought the plywood and nails and made it and painted it and distressed it.  Homegirl over here is even more in love with him now than she was before.  I'd like to give myself a big pat on the back for getting him to marry me- that is probably the best thing that I have accomplished in my life (excluding trusting Jesus for my salvation, but that is a given!).
The view as you walk into the room
'Mr. Handyman Kyle' made this bed for Knox from scratch! Proud as punch!! 
Knox's reading nook
Where Knox actually sleeps...
thanks to my mom for making his monogramed pillow :) 
We're (I mean Kyle) going to do some updates to the nursery as well to make it more girly.  I'll post those when they are done! 


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

baby joshua

In the spirit of posting about photo shoots, I will share some pictures that I have taken recently.  Ever since my class ended in May, I have been busy with Knox and being pregnant and haven't spent too much time taking pictures.  Luckily for me, my friend Mary Beth just gave birth to a sweet little boy and she let me take some pictures of their new family.  His full name is Joshua Aiden Archer (Aiden means 'fighter' and this little guy is definitely a fighter). He went through a lot to get here as the healthy little boy that he is and I was so excited to finally get to meet him after all the time I had spent praying for him while he was on the inside!  Here are the best images I got from my photo shoot:

the star of the show
joshua and his sweet brother william
this blanket was Joshua's daddy's when he was a baby...
the whole family
Mary Beth
Newborn photos are definitely not my specialty, so lucky for me I'll have my own newborn soon to practice, practice, practice on!! 5 1/2 weeks and counting down...


Friday, September 14, 2012

Just the 3 of us...

It won't be just the 3 of us much longer.  Six weeks to be exact, well give or take you really can't be exact about these things.  We had maternity pictures taken when we were pregnant with Knox, by our very talented photographer friend Jamie.  We decided to have another round of maternity pics taken this time as well.  Just to spice things up we went with a friend of a friend 'Everest Road Photography' and we were very pleased with their amazing work!  We did a "mini-shoot" for the maternity and then we'll do another "mini-shoot" once the baby is born.  Here are some of the ones from our recent shoot:

Just for fun, here are some pics from our shoot with Jamie (check out her photography blog too!) when it was Knox on the inside:

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Beasley turned two!

Knox's bestie Blythe turned two a few weeks ago.  It has taken me that long to get the pictures off of my camera and onto the computer.   Not because I have been to busy, but definitely because I have been too tired.  Being 8 months pregnant while chasing after a toddler makes for one tired mama.  But I finally have the pics ready to show!

Best Buddies
They are finally getting old enough to actually play together! 

Knox enjoyed Blythe's birthday cupcake
So did Blythe...
Cool like Daddy...
The B'day girl
Sharing Bea's cupcake
Thank goodness Knox is not quite two yet- I don't think I can wrap my head around it having already been two years since he was born!  But he's only got about 2 months and then he'll be two too! Crazy!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

OMG he's cute!

Okay technically it's not really "school" but we thought it was still picture worthy.  Knox started his Mother's Day Out program today.  He'll be going one day a week and I am excited to have some time to myself before the baby comes and then once she's here some time just with her!