Friday, May 9, 2014

Strawberries and a zipline

This is kind of a random post but it's what we've been up to in the last week that is noteworthy!  On Monday I took the kids to a local berry farm to pick strawberries.  Knox had been when he was little but we didn't make it out last year with Isla so this was the first time that he remembers it.  He was really excited to pick strawberries and did good with figuring out which ones were ripe and which ones weren't.  Isla just kind of walked around and looked at the strawberries. The farm also has goats that you can feed and a bounce area so it was a fun day and the weather was beautiful!

the master picker

Now on to the zip line. Last Saturday we went over a friends house for a BBQ.  They live way out in Dripping Springs on a few acres and have chickens, a miniature horse, goats, trampoline, fire pit, etc, etc. It's basically a kids dream yard.  Knox has been there once before and was HYPED to go back!  Little did he know was he was getting into.  The family had recently installed a zip line for their daughter's 5th birthday.  It ran across the yard from a perch up on a tree, maybe 20 feet up, and ended on a platform.  Knox was excited to try and after a little coaching he even jumped out of the tree all by himself. I was shocked and so proud of him! Now every day he tells me how brave he is, it's adorable.

Knox on the hipline
Kyle hoisting him up
We even got Isla in on the action. She was not too keen on it because she was too small for the harness so it looked uncomfortable for her. But she was a trooper and didn't put up too much of a fight. 

It's getting warm here pretty consistently so we've been able to go the in pool a few times. Knox & Isla are loving it and I'm ready for summer when we can swim every day! It's close!

this girl is ready!


Monday, May 5, 2014

Virginia Visit

The main reason for our visit to Virginia was for a surprise 40th Wedding Anniversary party that my brothers & I threw for our parents.  It went amazingly well but that is it's own blog post that I will definitely revisit once I'm done sorting through all the photos!

We flew to Virginia late Friday night and the anniversary party was on Saturday evening. Once the excitement/stress of that was over we had the rest of the week to just relax and spend time with family.  This trip was especially great because we got to spend lots of time with lots of family.  We saw both of my brothers and their wives and my grandparents multiple times over the week and it was really special for me to get to see Knox & Isla interacting with them all.

Here are some picture highlights of the week:
Swinging at Great-Grandma Charlotte's house
Knox getting a much needed haircut! 
Real Fireman boots at the Children's Museum
Knox wrote and painted this all by himself for Uncle Jonathan & Aunt Valerie
Knox likes lots and lots of tattoos
Isla LOVED Moses!
My mom & I took Isla to get new shoes, she had a blast! 
playing at the Children's Museum
Knox painting, I had forgotten about wearing old shirts to paint in but this totally reminded me of my childhood! 
This was my attempt at making Knox at Ninja Turtle costume
 The week was a huge success and Knox & Isla were inundated with attention, gifts and fun activities.  I am so thankful that they will both have such wonderful memories of their visits to Virginia and staying at Mana & Grandpa's house.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sally's Visit

Well it's happened again, time has gotten away from me. But I am back prepared to make it up to whoever is still out there and reads this blog. Anyone?  Anyway. Last month we had a lot going on.  First thing on the agenda was Kyle's mom came to visit. It was her spring back so she came and spent the week with us. Knox & Isla love having Nana in town and its always an opportunity to do lots of fun Austin-y things!

Riding the Zilker Zephyr- I love Isla's face, ha! 
Sally had her birthday while she was here so we tried to make it a special day for her since it may or may not have been a noteworthy one…We went and did a few of her favorite Austin things, like walking around Town Lake, and then we got a babysitter for the evening so the adults could have a nice birthday dinner. Knox even helped me decorate a cake for Sally, bless our hearts we tried but it was ugly. At least it tasted good! 

I should have gone to baking school...
blowing out the candles... 
walking around Town Lake
The rest of the week we tried to be fairly laid back and just enjoy each other's company but we did manage to get to the Botanical Gardens and to Knox's favorite place 'Kiddie Acres'. 
the best picture I could get
Isla LOVED the carousel
Knox & Isla riding the cars at Kiddie Acres
It was a great visit and we were all sad to see Sally go.  We all left for the airport at the same time- Sally to Spokane and the rest of us to Virginia for a visit.