Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving & Photo shoots

Traditionally, we have traveled to Virginia every year to spend Thanksgiving with my family.  We've only missed 3 of the past 11 years that we have known each other- when we were in Scotland, for Knox's birth and for Isla's birth.  So, since we weren't there last year we were extra excited to be there this year!

Plane tickets seem to have skyrocketed in price lately so to offset some of the cost we flew out to Virginia early and stayed a little late- 10 days in all. It was a really nice visit and we got to spend lots of time with family and also lots of time with each other sans children.  All in all it was very relaxing!

Both of my brothers and their wives live in Richmond so we spent most of time hanging out with them and my parents. Knox & Isla loved all the attention and new toys at Mana & Grandpa's house- they were definitely a little sad to come home.

Knox doing puzzles with Grandpa
Aunt Liz convincing Knox to eat collards on Thanksgiving- he was skeptical…so was I...
Isla needed no convincing to eat :) 
Isla with Aunt Val
swinging at Great-Grandma Charlotte's house
Is used to swing on these swings when I was a kid!
It was Kyle's birthday while we were in Virginia too.  I won't mention how old he turned (34) but it was fun to celebrate him with Knox & Isla.   We opened presents and had an ice cream cake. Knox learned that adults don't get "toys" but mostly clothes. He was disappointed but still loved helping open Kyle's gifts.  And thanks to built-in babysitters, Kyle & I got to go to a nice dinner by ourselves to celebrate as well!

the birthday boy

Knox was as excited as Kyle for the cake!

Isla did her share of damage to the cake :) 

Isla with the smaller of my parent's dogs- Maggie

Sucker break with Aunt Val!
Horsing around outside
matching Phish tshirts with Uncle Jonathan
 I recently did a few photo shoots for friends for their holiday cards. I am always so thankful for an opportunity to practice my photography. Both of these shoots were definitely a challenge- multiple children is tough but practice, practice, practice is the goal! Here are some of my favorite images from the two shoots:

We head out to Spokane next week for the Christmas holiday! Can't believe that it is that time already. Merry Christmas everyone!!