Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This, my friends, is one happy baby.  He's laughing at the sound the straw makes in my cup- who knew?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Spring Break visitor!

This past week we had my mom come and visit for her spring break.  She hadn't seen Knox since February, so she was excited to get to spend the week with him & us! She arrived on Friday evening and then on Saturday Kyle & I set off for the Hyatt Hilcountry Resort in San Antonio while Mana & Knox stayed home.  It was our first night away from him together- a little bit daunting, I won't lie and say that I didn't shed a tear- but it was really fun to get away and relax without having to take care of a baby! 

Who doesn't love a baby in pjs and slippers?!

Kyle & I got back on Sunday afternoon.  Mom & I had a relaxing week just hanging out with Knox and enjoying each other's company.  Here are a few pictures from our week together...

Knox has gotten really good at sitting up

I love the naked baby pics! 

Knox & Mana too cool in their shades!

Photoshoot with Knox & Mana

It was such a fun week, we were sad to see my mom go! But she'll be back in June.  This week we are off to Spokane to visit with Kyle's family.  Fingers crossed the Knox continues to be a great traveler! 


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pool Party

Kyle & I have been anxious to take Knox to our neighborhood pool, we've just been waiting for the weather to warm up.  Well, yesterday it was 95 here in Austin so we figured it was the perfect opportunity to take our little man to the water.  He loves bath time so he will love the pool, right? So, so wrong...

Here is his reaction when we first put his little toes in the water: 

He didn't just fuss, he seriously cried. The pouty lip came out and everything.  It was so sad.  So, lesson learned. Even though it was hot outside, the water was still too cold for baby!  It was a slight parent fail on our part. 
This is after we got him dried off and happy again.  

And of course, we had to pose the babies in the lounge chair.  Blythe is seriously relaxing here.  

Here is Knox and his girlfriend Blythe.  Check out the spare tire on Knox- he's our jolly little fat man! 


Friday, April 8, 2011

Our first Spring Break visitor

This past week Kyle's mom came and visited for her spring break.  She hadn't seen Knox in 3 months, so she was excited to visit and hang out for the week.  Although most people who live in Texas would not agree, I think Waco is a fun little town. So, we took Sally there on Saturday to show her around Baylor's campus and let her experience Waco for the first time! 
Our little family at Common Grounds

Perhaps my favorite thing in Waco is a little coffee shop called Common Grounds.  I frequented this establishment during my four years in Waco and am always looking for an excuse to return! It was fun to take Knox there for the first time.  
Kyle, Knox & Sally on Baylor's campus

Knox was a trooper and did well walking around campus (he mostly slept in the stroller).  Afterwards, we went to Cameron Park and had a picnic lunch by the river.

Knox's gotta wear shades and protect those baby blues! (side note: the doctor told us there is zero pigment in his eyes, so they will stay blue just like his daddy's!)
Hanging out on daddy
Waco Hall is where I spent countless hours receiving piano lessons, teaching piano lessons and also gave my senior recital- thank goodness that is all over! 
 Ready for a walk
Knox with his Nana

On Sunday, Knox had his first outing in the high chair. I can't believe that he is already big enough to sit in a high chair! I know everyone says that they grow up so fast, but seriously this is too fast!

 Knox with his girl Blythe
Speaking of growing up, Knox is also reaching for everything he can get his hands on, practically sitting up on his own and eating rice cereal!  I feel like we have hit a bunch of milestones all at once so hopefully he'll slow down again soon.  Mom is not ready for all of this growing up just yet.

Knox's shirt says it all! 
Nana feeding Knox his rice cereal

We had a great visit with Kyle's mom and thankfully we'll be seeing her again soon! We're traveling to Spokane in three short weeks!