Friday, December 21, 2012

a brief hiatus

It has been awhile since I last blogged.  Mostly because we now have two children,  but also because I have early on-set of technology inability and haven't been able to get any pictures uploaded on the blog- and who wants to read a blog post with no pictures?  Poor Knox is really going to have his work cut out for him in 20 years with his dear old mom.  Only 31 and I can't operate a computer- imagine how bad it will get...

Well, nothing too terribly exciting has been happening around here. Isla is just about 8 weeks old and we are still adjusting to life with two children and what that means for us.  Really it just means no time to yourself and less rest.  But we're adjusting.  Isla is an exceptionally good baby (our only complaint is that she screams in the car- ALWAYS) and that makes going anywhere very unpleasant. But other than that minor snafu she really is a wonderfully easy baby.  Thank the good Lord for that!  

Here are some pictures of our life over the last month: 

Knox thinks it's funny to wear Kyle's ski helmet around
I promise that he asked to wear this bow- really
Some time with Dad
Knox has been my little cookie helper this holiday season and surprisingly enough he is actually helpful! 
We drove out to Elgin to cut down our family Christmas tree
the men with the tree :)
Here are some of the pictures from our family photo shoot that didn't make the Christmas card cut: 

Knox in what he calls "Knox Bus"

i love this one!
three generations :) 
Daddy & Daughter- so sweet
my little lady
 We're spending Christmas in Austin this year because of little Isla. But we're excited to be heading out to Spokane next Friday for a week with Kyle's family. Fingers crossed for an airplane trip with 2 children!  We'll definitely post again after that trip for an update.