Friday, January 10, 2014


Growing up I only had 4 cousins and they were all much younger than me. I am always jealous of hearing about people growing up with cousins the same age and all the fun they had together.  I'm so excited that Knox & Isla have two sweet cousins that hopefully they will be close to as they grow up.  The four of them are a perfect stair step in age- Marek is 4, Knox is 3, McKenna is 2 and Isla is 1.  I hope their bond lasts them for many years to come.

can't leave duck out

 These four are some of the sweetest kiddos around, we are truly blessed for the family that God has given us.


Monday, January 6, 2014

a NW Christmas

The holidays for us this year have been a whirlwind of travel and family.  We left for Virginia on November 22nd got home December 3rd, left for Spokane on December 17th and got home December 26th and then my family came to visit December 30th and left on January 4th.  We have been so blessed to get to spend so much time with our families and every trip we took was a blast! This never happens either but we didn't have any travel snafus on any of our trips.  It was really good all the way around this year!

That said- I am still recovering from being out of my routine for so long and am way behind on blogging and lots of other things! So…this will be a photo montage post with LOTS of pics. Brace yourself.

our first Christmas in our new house
Nana with her grandkids
sweet Isla
 Christmas morning we had a big breakfast at Sally's house before we opened presents. You can tell how excited Knox was because of how blurry he is in the photo- he was jumping up and down.

our Christmas morning feast 
our little family
such a girlie girl
 Our new tradition for Christmas Eve is to go out to dinner after the Christmas Eve service.  This year we went to a nice steakhouse. It was a bit crazy with 4 small kids but we all survived and no one complained to the manager :)

sweet McKenna
I am so lucky to have such an awesome sister-in-law!

Heather & Brandon
they are so silly together...
We got to see some pretty cool Christmas lights while we were in Spokane too.  It was really fun to take the kids to see them and Isla especially loved the lights. 

little bunny
all the kiddos

my sweet girl
Knox with his gingerbread man
 Knox & Isla were both really excited about the snow.  I'm not sure if Knox remembered it from last year or not but Isla definitely didn't! It was so fun to get to take them both sledding. Knox did surprisingly well for being a little soft and Isla LOVED it. Well, until she face planted in the ice a few times and then she got tired of it but we probably shouldn't have put her on the sled by herself and pushed her down the hill.  Opps!

Kyle & Knoxie

Her first sledding run!
this little Texan does not like to be cold!
Cousins- Marek & McKenna! 
a sibling run
the solo ride- a little premature
It was a really great Christmas.  We are glad that it is January though, I am ready to just settle into a boring old routine and not see an airplane or an airport for awhile :)