Monday, February 13, 2012


February always feels like such a slow month to me and this year is no exception.  There just hasn't been much going on.  Knox has emerged from a long-lasting cold and three new teeth and has proved be much happier when he is healthy and not teething. Thank goodness because I was starting to think I was going to loose my mind with all the whining in our house.  Just a phase, just a phase.  That is what I tell myself to get through the day sometimes. And usually it is true.  Knox has started saying a lot more words so that has been really fun.  He now says "peease" when he wants something and "nite-nite" when it's time for bed.  Be still my heart.

This week my Dad is coming to visit for a few days and then Knox & I are flying back with him to spend a week in Virginia. I am so looking forward to getting to spend time in Virginia and see all of my family and my good friend Katie as well. It should be a nice break from the monotony of toddler care :)

It was unusually cold this weekend, but I still forced Kyle & I to partake in a photo shoot.  Here are the best from my two little models.