Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our little big kid

Things have been changing at our house lately.  Our sweet little man is getting to be more of a big kid and it is making his parent's very sad :)  For starters, we decided to take on the challenge of potty training before the baby arrives.  I had read some things that said there is a "window" between 20-26 months so I decided to go for it.  Knox seemed very interested in trying so we figured "why not"?  Well, I am shocked to tell you that it worked. After about 5 miserable days, Knox finally 'got it' and we haven't had an accident since Sunday now!  Crazy!  I wouldn't say that we are at a place were it is actually making my life any easier, because I still have to take him potty A LOT since he is so little and it is definitely interrupting his nap routine.  But all in all, we are excited that he has taken the plunge and  is now "potty trained"!

As part of the preparations for the baby's arrival, we decided to have family photos taken of just the three of us.  This Saturday is our photo session and after looking at some pictures I took this weekend, I realized that Knox's hair was looking quite shaggy.
before with his buddy Blythe
He hadn't ever really had a full haircut, just a bang trim and me cutting off his mullet in the back a few times.  So, we took him to a place called 'Pigtails and Crewcuts' for his first real haircut.  Since he got to sit in a toy airplane and watch 'Toy Story' it went really well! He didn't mind a bit and he even got a sucker at the end. He's been talking about it ever since.  "Haircut, Airplane" is all I've heard the past few days!  Here are some pics of the big event:

Watching 'Toy Story'

Can you tell it was nap time? 
the finished product

To be completely honest, he looks a little bit like a mushroom head.  But hopefully that will be cuter in the pictures than super-shaggy! Either way his mother thinks he's the cutest kid ever! 


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Our West Coast Vacation

Our whirlwind summer of traveling and fun time with both of our families has finally come to a close.  We have been so blessed this summer to have gotten to go on two very fun, but very different beach vacations.  First we went to Nags Head and had a traditional "beach" vacation with my family.  By traditional, I mean that we spent most of every day just hanging out on the beach and in the warm water.  This time, however, we went to the Oregon Coast with Kyle's family and it was a totally different beach experience.  The water is chilly, the temperatures are in the mid-60's and it was GLORIOUS! Pregnant girl was loving life :)  Not to mention that we have a blast with Kyle's family and the scenery in Oregon is epic.

Knox & I spent the week before our vacation in Spokane hanging out with Kyle's mom, sister, brother-in-law and our niece and nephew.  It was a fun week for the kiddos to get some much needed hang-out time with each other.  Then, Kyle flew in on Friday night and we made the 9 hour (yikes!) drive to the coast to spend a week there.  We had amazing weather and fun just getting to spend time together.  Getting to watch the Olympics every night was a huge bonus too!

Here are some of the pics from our week:

Marek on the beach

Miss McKenna 
Knox is over his sand fears!  
Aren't they cute?! 
Fishing at the Aquarium 
The Newport Aquarium
Kyle being silly with Knox
This kid has a new love...tractors!!
More tractors 
Knox loved the carousel!  
Kyle had fun taking Knox on the old-timey bumper cars
Knox was a trooper!
Knox & Marek on the beach

The Carlson family with Nana
Our family with Nana :) 
Nana with her grandkids
The whole gang
Not too much longer for the 3 of us!

I am at 29 weeks now- crazy!! We are in town and hoping to just enjoy time as the three of us until our little girl arrives sometime in October.  I'll post some of the fun things we do with Knox before she comes :)