Monday, April 22, 2013

Gloria's maiden voyage...

This weekend we took our first trip in Gloria our VW Camper Bus.  We had been waiting for Knox to be old enough and for the weather to be warm enough and the stars finally aligned.  Isla & I came along until bedtime and then we drove home.  I didn't think camping with an infant sounded even remotely enjoyable so I volunteered to bow out early.  Kyle & Knox stuck it out for the long haul and made it through the night though!  Knox did great on his first overnight in the bus and it was a success!! I think there will be many more family camping trips in our future.

We went to Krause Springs which is about an hour west of Austin.  It was pretty and there were lots of fellow campers there so that made it a fun, festive environment for Knox's first camping trip.  Here are some pics of our trip:

Krause Springs 
Krause Springs Pool
Gloria in all her glory 

Knox eating his dinner at the table 

Knox & Isla playing in the camping bin 

Knox's first camp whiz :)

Isla's first camp bottle

Friday, April 19, 2013


Well, it has been awhile.  Truth be told, I very rarely get the chance to sit at the computer so posting a blog is not high on the "to do" list.  But, now that Isla is getting a little bigger I think I will have more time to update our blog.

Isla is almost 6 months- the time is flying by! She's already gotten two teeth, is sitting up and playing with toys.  We're getting ready to start solid foods in a few weeks. I just can't believe how much faster it is going with her than it went with Knox.

Since I last posted, we've pretty much just been getting through each day as it comes! Having two has been a huge adjustment for me and I am just finally feeling like my head is getting above water.

A few weeks ago, Kyle's mom came to visit for her Spring Break. It was so fun for her to be here and get to hang out with Knox & Isla that week.  The weather was unseasonably cold for her visit, but we still managed to get out and do some fun stuff while she was here.

Knox is getting into "playing" soccer

Knox & Isla with their Easter basket

We recently discovered an Austin gem called "Kiddie Acres".  It's a very small children's 
theme park that is like stepping back in time to the 1970's.  It's only about 10 minutes
 from our house and Knox LOVES it!  We've had fun taking him a few times and letting
 him ride all the rides.  
Knox at Kiddie Acres
Airplanes at Kiddie Acres
Carousel at Kiddie Acres

I have tried to replicate the photo shoots that I did with Knox with Isla.  I did one with him 
when he was about 6 months old sitting by our fence outside.  This week when I had a few
 minutes I took her outside and snapped a few of her sweet little face.  She's got some spunk!