Saturday, November 17, 2012

Knox is two!!

Well our little Knox is finally two! I say finally because it seems like he should have already been two by now, I'm not sure why...His b'day was really fun this year because my parents got to be here for it!  We made a whole weekend celebration out of it for him.  He is old enough now that he really enjoyed opening his gifts and kept saying "more presents", oh how fast they learn!

Knox opening some of his gifts 
"more presents!"
Two years ago when I was in labor with Knox, Kyle & I ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then we drove straight to the hospital.  So, in honor of that night we have taken Knox to the Cheesecake Factory for his b'day dinner the past two years.  Last year he couldn't have cared less, but this year he had fun! The waiters sang to him and he LOVED his cheesecake!
what a ham...
Sitting by baby sister
Getting sung too...he kept asking for more, ha!
On Saturday afternoon, we had a b'day party for Knox at a local playground.  Since he loves our family's VW bus we had a bus themed b'day party for him.

The family in front of the bus
Knox with his bus t-shirt from his buddy Blythe!
Hanging out with Avery at his party
the adults...
Mana & Grandpa with their grandkids!

It was a special weekend for all of us to get to celebrate little Knox and to have Isla and my parents here with us.