Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beach Vacation 2012

Knox & I just got back from our East Coast summer stint.  We spent a week in Virginia hanging out with my family and then Kyle met us and we spent a week at the North Carolina coast enjoying the beach with my parents, brothers and sister-in-law.  It was such a relaxing, fun trip that it was bittersweet to leave.  But it is always nice to be back home after such a long time away.  Knox sprinted into the house on Sunday afternoon, when we got home from the airport, to reaquaint himself with all his toys, it was cute!  I didn't realize how challenging one-on-one time with a toddler can be until I had the help of multiple adults for two weeks.  Life was SO much easier!  Maybe Hilary Clinton was does take a village :)  

Here is a photo montage of our time away.  Brace yourself for lots of pics!  

Knox with Uncle Jonathan on the beach
I know I am biased, but seriously this kid is cute!
You have to have naked photos, you just have to...
Grandpa giving Knox his nightly vacation popsicle 
Uncle Jonathan 
Knox with his Grandmother and Great-Grandmother
This kid is so happy!  
We ate A LOT of food, yum! 

Knox with his Aunt Valerie 
Knox got his first haircut while we were there
He wasn't too happy about it.
Frisby with Uncle Jonathan 
The whole family
The original Kibiloski Clan 
The Sale Clan
Baby Bump at 25 weeks 
Knox was finally not scared of water on the last day we were there...
POPSICLE! This is Knox's favorite food
Except for the last day, Knox demanded to be carried anywhere close to the water 
Getting into everything back at the house
Knox with his fan club, this is one loved little guy

Knox & I leave on Monday for Spokane and then Kyle will join us on Friday and we'll all head out to the Oregon Coast for a week at the beach.  We are super excited to get some quality time with Kyle's family and to spend some time in the PNW!