Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Our little pumpkin is turning one!

Photo of the week
This past weekend we celebrated our sweet little Isla turning one! Her actual birthday is tomorrow but we had her party on Sunday. Kyle's mom, Sally, came into town to celebrate with us as well. It was a crazy busy weekend getting ready for the party, but it was a lot of fun and went great! I still am in shock that Isla is already one year old.

Like a lot of other mom's in the month of October, I gave it my best shot to get a cute pumpkin patch picture.  It did not really work out the way I had hoped but that is what I expected with two small children with lots of energy!

they are both looking forward at least...
this is real life people :) 

Knox & Blythe
the Birthday Girl
We went to a pumpkin patch at a local church with Sally to pick up some pumpkins for the party. Knox, my little reader, just sat down for story time with another preschool class that happened to be there at the same time we were. Ha! That kid loves books!

Knox story time bombing the other preschool class
Isla & Nana
Knox, Isla & Nana
We also did a Target run to get ready for the party and Knox came home with quite a few goodies since Nana was in town. His new favorite activity is playing baseball in the backyard. He's actually pretty good too!
Knox & Nana
Knox Hitting the ball
 Alright, I am warning you. This is the start of the birthday pictures.  It is LONG so brace yourself!

the dessert table

Chili Bar
the favor table
Isla's pics
all the food
Happy Birthday Banner

pumpkin painting station
coloring station
the photo booth
donut hole game
the Lion & her daddy
Isla was a little shy at the party

getting ready for the pumpkin hunt
Kyle explaining the rules of the pumpkin hunt
and they're off! 
go Avery go!
Finley chasing his pumpkins
Mike helping Sadie get her pumpkins

Allison & Avery- Knox's buddy and now neighbor
Knox checking out what was in his pumpkins

Isla prefers to be carried around :)


this little lion is walking everywhere now!
Linda, Allison, Allison & Casey
Taylor & Rebecca
Knox enjoying some Halloween chili
my little Scarecrow & Lion
she loves eating crayons
Kyle helping Isla blow out her candle 
and she loved it!
Knox trying to help Isla eat her cake

Family Pic
Kyle & Sally

 Thanks to lots of help from Kyle & Sally- Isla's party was a hit! I am SOO glad it's over though and we can just relax and enjoy her actual birthday tomorrow. Knox's birthday is coming up in 2 weeks but his party is not going to require hardly any preparation at all so I am thankful for that! Pretty soon I will have a one year old and a three year old. Wow!

Happy Halloween!