Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Leaving Austin

I have been putting off writing this post because leaving Austin was such a terrible experience for me. I knew in my head that it would be difficult but I didn't really grasp it until it was happening.  It was literally like standing on the edge of a cliff and then jumping off without a parachute.  The stress of selling our old house, buying our new house, moving all of our stuff including 3 cars, 2 kids and a dog as well as just logistically getting from Texas to Idaho- all while saying goodbye to some of the best friends that we have ever had and the place where both of our children where born and made friends.  Well, let's just say I was completely numb.  My mind and body just shut down and it was the hardest thing I've had to do yet- including giving birth and moving to a foreign country.  I know Boise is where God wants us to be, but I am still not at the point that I can say that I am where I want to be. My heart and my "family" are still in Texas.  

All that being said, I really am trying to keep a positive outlook and embrace Boise for the great place that everyone tells me that it is.  We've done some fun things in the 3 weeks that we've been here and I will follow this post with some posts about our new city! 

Here are a bunch of pictures from the week or so before we left: 

checking out the new Trader Joe's by our house

final playdate with Roark & Phelan

baking brownies together

walking Mercedes around the 'hood

enjoying free slurpees on 7-11

a swim date with Avery & Blythe

Knox & the girls

free food at Chick'fil'a on Cow Appreciation Day

Pool Party for Knox's preschool class

Isla and her buddy Molly

riding the cows at the Arboretum

a final meal at Chuy's

splash pad with our Wednesday playgroup of the last 3.5 years!!

the crew

trying out Pinthouse Pizza

roadtrip to Houston to see my roomies

they were all in timeout

group bath time with my roomie's kiddos

Blythe & Avery @ Kiddie Acres

Isla & Parker @ Kiddie Acres

Isla & Noah @ Kiddie Acres

Knox & Isla- he loves that place!

Isla road the pony all by herself

the gang at Knox & Isla's going away party

breakfast tacos while our house was being packed

Knox & Blythe watching a video while we our house was being packed
We miss Austin everyday, but I know that time will make it easier.  So thankful that God gave us such amazing friends and memories in Austin!


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  1. I'm so sorry. I know exactly how you feel and it's so hard. It was okay for me for a little bit and then it got REALLY hard around 6-7 months because it really sunk in that we were gone for good. But then shortly after that it really got a lot better. I hope you find a church and neighbors and friends really soon! I know it will make all the difference for you like it did for me. Will be praying for friends. Big hugs from Charlotte! :)